Wednesday, 1 March 2017

White Rabbits

Hare and Crow by Amanda Clark

While spinning round this morning whilst saying white rabbits three times, because it's the first of March, I wondered where does this come from, why white rabbits.  The best reasons seems to come from the story of Ostara the Spring Goddess and Goddess of the Dawn.

It is said she was late arriving one year to bring the spring warmth and sunlight in, when she did arrive the ground was still frozen and covered in snow.  She felt even worse about being late when she discovered a small bird with his wings frozen dying from the cold.  Ostara picked the bird up and cradled him to warm him through, but his wings still remained damaged and he couldn't fly.  Feeling remorseful about the bird not being able to fly she turned him into a white rabbit or rather a Snow Hare and named him Lepus. She gave him the gift of great speed and turning ability and to remember his time as a bird she gave him the ability to lay eggs, eggs of many colours, but only for one day a year.

So it could be that that is why saying white rabbits on the first of March, or some say on the first new moon of this month, brings you good luck.  Why the spinning, I don't know, maybe that's just me.  Does anyone else spin?

Looking forward to eggs of many colours at the Spring Equinox :0)

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