Monday, 29 February 2016

Mother Goddess Love Necklace

Goddess Heart necklace

Silver Love Goddess Necklace
 Love goddess necklace

Mother goddess necklace

Just finished this lovely little Goddess necklace.  She is cut from Sterling silver sheet, has light engraving to give details and has a gold coloured love heart soldered to her centre.  She is about 3 cm heigh by 2cm wide.  The pendant is completed with a silver chain.  Was flipping through one of my sketch books when I came across a drawing of the shape of the goddess, was looking to do hare shapes to make another hare necklace ready for Ostara buy this goddess wanted to come out first. 
A link to my website in case you want to treat your mum or someone who's like a mother to you for Mothering Sunday :0) Goddess Necklace

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