Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wolf Moon Tree of Life Pentagram


The Wolf Moon Tree of Life wire work I did placed in the center of a Willow Pentagram.  The Willow is from my garden and is still growing happily there.  The sticks of the pentagram have been woven up and over each other in the traditional way rather than just placed one on top of the other.  Off each points hangs a representation of the correspondence for each element, a free fallen feather for air, a found stone for earth, a sun charm for fire, a shell found on the beach for water and a spiral on the top point for spirit.

It would look great hanging in your room as decoration, especially if wolf has special meaning for you, animal totem perhaps or power animal or as a ritual item near your altar.

If you'd like a closer look please click on my website link Morning Star Craft There are other pentagrams/pentacles on there as well and more to be put on soon.

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