Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Willow Tree of Life, Elements Pentacle/Pentagram

This Pentagram is made from Willow out of my garden where it is growing very happily.  The struts of the Pentagram have been woven in and out, up and over of each other not just placed flat on the top of each other.  In the center I have wire worked a Tree of Life with copper wire and leaf shaped beads of various shades.  On each point is an elemental correspondence and a small bell - fire is a sun charm, earth a small stone, air a feather, water a shell and a Goddess charm for Spirit. It's for sale in my shop, take a look if you'd like it hanging in your home or as a gift.

I'm planning on doing some more pentacles similar to this one and the one in the post below which had lots of beads wired on to it.

I think of Pentacles as having the circle around the Pentagram shape to give order to chaos, and contain elements/thoughts for more focus, though some people think of them in different ways so never quite sure which way to label Pentagrams/Pentacles (labeling can cause conflict!)  Which way do you think of Pentacles and Pentagrams?


Andrea said...

This is gorgeous! Too bad shipping to Canada is so terribly expensive or I'd have to order one. ;)

I understand pentagram to be the five pointed star, and pentacle to be the same star but within a circle.

Dawn said...

Thank you Andrea :o)