Monday, 16 March 2015

Spring Equinox, Eclipse Necklaces

Spring Equinox/Ostara is almost here, Spring yay :0) and this year it comes with a solar eclipse!!
With those events in mind I thought I would show a couple of necklaces that I created which would make an excellent (eggcellent ;0)) memento/gift.

This is a silver spiral moon kissing the sun for the eclipse or for the balance of night and day at the equinox.

And this is for Ostara's Hare coursing across the starlit night under a crescent moon.  With added symbology of the triple spiral/ triskele.
With Terry Pratchett's sad passing it also remind's me of Tiffany Aching's hare necklace in I shall wear Midnight. I think I shall make a silver horse necklace to compliment this one similar to the one she wore when she was younger.

If you like these necklaces you can find out more about them here -

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