Thursday, 25 July 2013

Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp Workshops 2013

Looking forward to camp, it is Derbyshire Pagans 10th one and as usual we have loads of free workshops and activities or of course just sit and chill, take in the atmosphere and enjoy the scenery:0)

List of which days workshops and events are happening, no times as things are always subject to the vagaries of camp life.  There will be an A-board situated between the two marquees with each days happenings on it once at camp with more info on.

Beating of the Bounds
Fire Ritual

Fairy & Kite Activities all day and Saturday (material costs)
EFT Psychic Development
Corn Dollies
Runes 101
Power Animals
Birth Tarot & Soul Debate
Wand Making
Crystal Legends
Runes Expert
Who's Life
Empowering your Drum/Drumming Workshop
Cord Making
Dry Stone Walling (please bring a pair of boots if wanting to take part)
The Energies of Trees
Spirit of Healing Singing
Labyrinth Dance
Stuarts Crazy Astronomy I
Chilling round fire, drum curfew 10.30pm

Power Animals the Sequel
Preseli Blue Stone Pipe Ceremony
Pewter Casting (material costs)
Goddess Workshop
Spirit Song Healing
Fun Dancing for Kids & Adults
Tree Planting Ceremony
Stuarts Crazy Astronomy II
Belly Dancing Workshop
Belly Dance Performance
Drumming around fire, curfew 11pm

Goblin Market - Bring, Buy, Swap, Sell
Story Telling/Tales & Eddas
British Goddess's
Scraffito for Kids


For more info check further down this blog and Chesterfield Pagans Lammas Camp fb event page

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hand flowers and Ribbon Wrap Bracelets

Have been making some more handflowers or slave bracelets and ribbon wrap bracelets.   My son says my armless model ;0) looks a bit creepy, but not sure how else to show them, my nails after bending metal and being up the garden aren't lovely enough to be in the photo.  What do you think, creepy, good, bad?

Feeling a little batty;0)  There's a small bat on the extender chain as well.  Or maybe butterflies are more your thing, this one has a beaded ring and small butterfly charms.

The different hues in each of the hand dyed ribbons are gorgeous.  They wrap about 3 times around your wrist and have a sliding spiral bead to help with fastening.  The ends can either be tuck in or left loose to dangle. There are moons, fairies, goddess, dragonflies, pentacles, unicorns, dragons, and wild animals, tiger, lion, monkey, giraffe, elephant is one your animal guide?

This bottom one with the pentacle, turquoise crescent moon and goddess hasn't got a slider bead as although they all would make lovely anklets as well as bracelets I think this one would be an ideal one for an anklet.  Some of them would make great necklaces too, so three in one, can't be bad;0)  I'll be bringing some of these along to the Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp along with some more of my jewellery, including some feathered arm bands which I thought would look great worn with sleeveless tops in the hot weather.

dragon ribbon bracelet

dragon ribbon bracelet by Dawn*
dragon ribbon bracelet, a photo by Dawn* on Flickr.

Allotment doings.

It's just been lightening spectacularly.  Red sheet lightening brightening the sky and bright fork lightening shooting across accompanied by deep rumbles, but still no rain.  Just as well I water the allotment earlier, should have done the garden as well.

The artichoke is growing well, lots of heads on it, looking forward to harvesting it and seeing what it tastes like, it looks pretty good when you first come onto the allotment.

The slightly cooler weather has brought the slugs out in force, they were chomping their way though the strawberries and have taken bites out of loads, hoping that the frog I disturbed in the strawberry patch will come back.  I don't know where the frog goes to keep cool, not seen any ponds or puddles around our end of the allotments.

There was a dark black spider with bright red spots on his back up by the brassicas, don't know if we have poisonous spiders now, but he sure looked as though he wanted to be.

Sweetcorn is poking it's furry end out of the middle of the leaves, the courgettes are growing, will be able to pick some soon I hope, have just pop the first few pea pods (it's like eating sweets),  there are small tomatoes on the plants in the well ventilated green house (most of the glass is missing lol).  The strawberries are still producing and the raspberries are snidered with juicy plump fruit, yum:0)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp 2013

Lammas Camp is fast approaching again, 10th anniversary this year!  Chesterfield Pagans are getting ready to hoist marquees, build fire, and generally get camp ready for lots of lovely people to come and enjoy themselves, meet new folk, maybe learn a few things from each other, and chill out.

Camp opens at 2pm Thursday ends 2pm Sunday, people welcome to arrive anytime in between or just come for the day.

Where's it at you ask - New House Organic Farm Kniverton Ashbourne Derbyshire DE6 1JL
and how much is it - £17 for the whole weekend with free workshops and entertainment, excellent value, bet you can't find better anywhere.  If you just want to come for the day that's just £3.  Full ticket list and prices can be found here

Workshops planned for Lammas Camp 2013

Power Animals - Part 1 & Part 2, the sequel
Working with Crystals the Native American Way
EFT - with psychic development
Drumming Workshop
Blue Stone Pipe Ceremony
Goddess Workshop
Wand Making
Scraffito for kids
Cord Making
Pewter Casting
Dancing for Fun - kids/adults
Who's Life is it Anyway
Bellydancing Workshop
Mind Expanding Space Stuff Astronomy I & II
Runes - Beginners & Advanced
Birth Tarot
Crystal Legends
Dry Stone Walling
Story Telling

Dates and times aren't finalised yet, but to keep up to day with what's happening see our event page on facebook or, there is also our website which has loads of info about lots of stuff.

Some workshops may ask for a contribution towards any materials you use.  You also need to bring some pennies for spending on the stalls if anything catches your eye, including my MorningStarCraft stall ;0)x

Other things happening over that weekend -
Belly dance performance
Tree Planting Ceremony
Labyrinth & dance

Beating of the Bounds 8pm ish Thursday
Fire Ceremony 9pm ish Thursday
Drum cerfew 10pm Thursday and Friday 11pm Saturday, guitars can be played for longer as they don't carry over to the village as well

Two lovely people are getting Handfasted on Saturday :0)

Camping is basic, there is running water, no showers or hot water, long drop toilets, beautiful scenery, things to do or just chill.