Monday, 17 June 2013

Ribbon Wrap Bracelets

Soft ribbon of many hues with beads and charms - fairy, leaf, mushroom, flower and butterfly.  Wraps around the wrist about three times, ends can be left dangling for a floaty feeling or tucked in, has an adjustable slide fastening to make putting on easier.


Lovely shades on this ribbon with a complimenting silk cord, beads, flowers and silver coloured charms - goddess, feather, sun, leaf and a faux pearl to represent the full moon.

They make great anklets too.  Ask for one without the sliding fastener though if wanting to wear like this as it makes it easier to wrap around ankles without.
They also make lovely necklaces, three in one, fab for holidays;0)

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Anonymous said...

These are beautiful Dawn, we need to talk next time I see you. Rebecca B :) x