Monday, 11 March 2013

Hasfest Free Pagan Event, Shamanism, Paganism, Rock & Roll 2013

Time to look forward to warmer weather (it's snowing here again at the mo) and sharing good times.

This year Hasfest is to be 24th, 25th and 26th May 2013, Friday is setting up day and music in the evening, ritual, fire and drumming, workshops on the Saturday and then taking down on Sunday.  The address is New Inn, 229 Mansfield Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 0JJ.  

Free for everyone to come to and participate in, music, stalls, dancing, drumming, ritual, fire, meeting people, chilling...
Grove Altar
Labyrinth & Green Lady

Drumming and fire

Hasfest looks set to be as great as usual even though this may be the last year it is held due to developers wanting to build houses on our grove and across where we have the firepit and all areas surrounding it.  There has been a protest about the development as the residents in the area don't want their green space built on either and we were hoping to help them in their fight against the plans, as a Pagan community, by asking people that had enjoyed Hasfest in the past, the Samhain Rituals that we have held there and the Handfastings that they have attended there if they could find time to write a couple of sentences as to what the grove means to them to put before the council in a presentation, but compared to amount of folk coming along and enjoying these free events there has been very little response.  The lack of response is very disheartening  making the people who work very hard to put these events together, just to bring like minded people together and hoping create a sense of community, if it is really worth continuing at all, as a lot of time and their own money goes into preparing everything and getting it all ready.  So hey, best make this a good on and go out with a bang rather than a whimper!

If anyone is reading this who would like to help by sending in a short paragraph (or more) of what the grove and that area means to them there is still time as the council has put the date of the hearing back again.  Cherill is the person who is getting the presentation together and her email is -  cherill   
(there are no spaces in the email address, I've put one in to stop her getting spammed by bots) or contact her on  facebook/Hasfest

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