Monday, 12 November 2012

Autumn colours

It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday so we went off for a tromp through some nearby woods to breath in the fresh air and get a sense of calm and I tried the camera out on my new phone:0)  Still trying to figure out the functions on it, even just using it a phone had me foxed.  Took me aaages to figure out how to get the photos onto the computer, calm of walk had almost gone by the time I'd finished getting the gizmos to talk to one another, it's supposed to be smart!  Anyway it has an autumn colour selection on it and although the leaves were already an amazing colour I think it did quite well.

Last one was with night time setting, it looks dark but it was only about 5pm,  roll on solstice so we can start getting some more day time.
Oooh and a fantastic thing that happened was that as we were stood talking near a tree I looked up and just above my head, about 6" away was a wild owl:0)  As soon as he knew I knew he was there he swooped off so so silently, magical.

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