Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hasfest Pagan Event 2012

Beribboned Burning Man
Cosmic Goddess
Burning Man burning
Fire Tower

Got over the post camp blues now, mud washed away and eagerly waiting for Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp in August and seeing everyone again.

Everyone I've heard has said how lovely Hasfest was yet again and how they felt included and involved, even the residents in the houses that back on to the site have said they enjoy us arriving which is very good to know.  The Grove has been well received and is well worth the scratches and bruises we got a few weeks back clearing it and getting it ready.  An altar has been made and the children especially have filled it with offerings, it is a lovely space.

Friday evening the rains came!  Mud galore but that didn't stop most of us flashing fluro in the rave tent and dancing like mad fools, well apart from the younger ones who tried to maintain their cool;0)  The rest of the weekend luckly was dry.  The Sonic Jam went down well as far as I can tell from the noise coming from the marque;0).  The Burning Man and his large appendage went up well and the fire was huge, very warm for dancing and drumming round, the jumpers must have been very hot!!

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