Saturday, 28 January 2012

Oak Leaf Silver Ring

I had originally planned for this silver ring to have a Green Amber stone set in it, but while I was waiting for the ring to pickle after soldering the bezel on, the stone disappeared.  Hopefully when/if I get round to tidying up I might find it again in some far flung corner!  Luckily I had this Blue Onyx stone that fitted in,  its a gorgeous shade of blue and I think works better, reminds me of the sky and trees.  Ah trees because I have cut out  two Oak leaves and soldered them either side of the setting. pins-rings--things


SteveK said...

lovely work as usual, my lovely! :)

Shpangle said...

Gorgeous ring and yes I think the colour of the stone works very well...I would love to see it with an Amber stone as well though (my favourite stone!).


Dawn said...

Thank you for the lovely comments:0) I will try a similar one with the Amber stone when (hopefully) I find it x