Thursday, 17 November 2011

Leaping Moon Hare Pendant

Latest Moon Hare that I've made. A golden hare leaping under a full moon and circled with silver.  The hare has been hand sawn from brass, the circle is lightly hammered sterling silver and the full moon is a mother of pearl cabochon. The jump rings have been soldered so that the pendants should lay well when worn as a necklace.

I did have another similar hare finished which I was going to put on now, but I can't find it! Hope I didn't loose it when I was showing some of my things the other day.  That one was sweat soldered onto a silver disk which was hammered on one side to form a crescent moon inside a full moon, with the hare leaping across it. necklace pendants

Friday, 11 November 2011

Allotment Paths

Got paths in now, it's really beginning to take on some framework.  Have rubbed skin off my finger cutting the carpets to go under the bark chippings to make the paths though, but at least you couldn't see it oozing for the mud.  Gwen has got her bike wheel on a post for the peas to grow up and in even more exciting new there are green shoots appearing that aren't weeds - no they are things we've planted and wanted to grow, garlic, leeks and the onions are very nearly ready to send out green shoots:0)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Work in progress

Scene from the work bench. Hares and moons to finish off.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Silver and Jade Spiral Isabella Jewellery Set

 I had blogged about this some time ago, but blogger had moved it into drafts for some reason!  So I'm reblogging it.

On my website was a silver plated spiral pendant with a jade bead, I received an enquiry asking if a bracelet could be made to go with it and possibly earrings too, to which I replied yes:0)  As it was a special birthday it was decided that they should be made of sterling silver, this is the results:

I got a message back  "Thank you so much for the jewellery. Isabella loves it!!  You're a star xxx", so much happiness all round:0) necklace pendants