Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pear and silver Bracelet and Earrings


We're never quite sure what to give my husbands mother as presents as she says she has no sense of smell (so smellies out), chocolate gives her migraine, she's not overly fond of ornaments, her birthday is in December as well, so if it's a gift for the garden not plants and her garden is now over flowing with statues, bird feeders etc, and they go away for New Years so cut flowers aren't really much good.

Anyway after racking our brains I remembered her saying that she wanted some earrings to go with a necklace that I had made her, but not too dangley.  So I made up two different styles for her, I think the cone ones were her favorite, and then also added a bracelet made with the same pearls.  We put some other bits and pieces in the gift bag as well, so that it wasn't just all stuff that I had made for her.

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