Monday, 20 December 2010

11th Birthday!

It's been a bit hectic here but have now handed out last of commissions, postal one were sent out a while ago and hopefully will make it in time despite royal mail being so behind.  Still have things to work on though as I have commissions for jewellery needed in January :0)

It's my son's 11th birthday today, time has really flown can't believe he has got to an age where he is old enough to go senior school, my other son was born in July so he started seniors a month after turning 11.  I took him and some of his friends to watch Harry Potter at the cinema yesterday (school today) before coming home for party and cake.  I think they did very well sitting still for 2 and half hours, it's a long film, and quite sad had a tear in my eye.  Need to watch part two now, must find out when it's due to be released.  The grandparents are coming round later for a second cake and family party, must get on with cleaning the house before Granny arrives!

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