Sunday, 11 July 2010

Triple Moon & Hare Mirror

I'd got a circular mirror, it's about 20 cm diameter, and decided to give engraving a on a mirror a go, which is ok apart from the problem of either looking at yourself while your doing the engraving or trying to look at it from the side and getting a sort of double image going on. Had the same problem with photographing it (and I thought taking photos of glasses was bad enough), unless your right over the top to take the photo, (and then of course you get the camera and everything in there as well) you get a double image showing so the photo looks blurred, have to try to work something out to solve this. Other than that was quite pleased with my first attempt. As you can see it is Pentacle Triple Moon with a spiral hare running beneath jumping over a grassy mound. On one side ivy is trailing down and on the other tall grass reaching up.

If you would like something similar please let me know either by leaving a comment on here or on my web contact page while you're there you could also have a look round my other items;0)

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