Friday, 6 November 2009


You know I thought to myself 'I haven't updated my blog in a while, must have a look at it' to find that the one I thought I posted just after Halloween was still there waiting for photos to be included, so it's a bit late but here is my Halloween rambling, still waiting for photo's (blush).

We've had a lovely Samhain/Halloween time. The festive branch has been dec'ed out with bats, witches, spooks and hell bunnies etc. My youngest son decided we should bake Halloween cookies and a cake; decorating them kept him busy for ages, I think this is the first time he's spent longer doing the baking than licking out the bowl (it's these sort of things that make you realise they are growing:0) The hole in the middle of the cake is because the things from the dungeon dimension are trying to escape from the centre of it;0)

One of our cats is called Boo, she arrived just before Halloween 3 years ago; I should have thought more about her name really as at this time of year she gets a little confused with people shouting her name.

Ritual night went well, drumming, fire, food; a very short sharp burst of rain made us dash inside but it soon stopped again. A friend sent off one of those Chinese Lanterns in memory of her dad, they are very pretty and look like little stars when they go up high.

The next night we spent at an American style Halloween Party, with loads and loads of decorations inside and out. Some of my husbands American relatives have come over for a visit, which is the first time we've seen them for about 5 years, and you could say we all looked different as we were all in full Halloween costume with bits of skin dropping off, wigs and the like.
Last night we went to a fireworks display, it was absolutely packed with people, I think the whole town must have been there. Tonight the school next to us (well about 7 houses down) is having its fireworks display so I'm going to send the kids out into the garden with bonfire night food to watch them, it was an impressive display last year.

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