Thursday, 22 October 2009

Cute Purple Lampwork Frog

A lovely purple lampwork frog, dangling behind him things a frog might need, toadstool, flower, leaf, friendly dragonfly, and a love letter ;0).

I have two of these frogs so will have to think of something different to do with the other one.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Fortune Telling Bracelet

As it's getting close to that time of year when the worlds are said to draw closer together (Halloween/Samhain) I thought a fortune bracelet would be good, so on this one are charms for foretelling what the future may be, and as most people want to know about love and relationships there are also heart beads and it is finished with a heart and arrow toggle to finish. The other items on this bracelet are tarot cards, seeing hand, ouija board, a fortune teller with a crystal ball, skulls, stars and a love a witch charm. There are also beads in various colours, mainly purples. bracelet bangles

Fairy, Flower & Unicorn Bracelets

Both these bracelets feature Unicorns and Fairies, but they are both quite different.

The first one has a mass of colourful flowers and beads on it and is made of shaggy loop chainmail chain which gives it movement. There are two different fairies on it and a unicorn inbetween them.

The second bracelet looks more delicate with its various shades of purple dangles and small butterflies. As well as the unicorn and fairy there is also a toadstool, flower and leaf. Bracelets

Bellydancing Coin & Bumpy Bead Bracelet

This bracelet is made with a larger link chain through which is a finer chain to give more visual interest. The belly dancing coins give a lovely tinkling jingle to the bracelet. It has bumpy glass beads beads on it as well as other glass beads and seed beads in various colours of green, orange and yellow. bracelet bangles

Witchy Things Bracelet or What a Witch might Wear

I've been busy making some bracelets and now all ready to be sold (hint, hint ;0)) This one would be good for Halloween/Samhain as it has items on it that the well dressed witch might wear or use. There is a pointy hat (of course), a boot, a besom, a leaf and a cauldron. The bracelet has different shades of green glass beads on it and is finished with a leafy pentacle toggle to fasten. bracelet bangles