Thursday, 24 September 2009

Yule Play

Well we're only just past the Autumn Equinox (happy Mabon everyone) and already the read throughs for the Yule Play are underway! It took place in a quite pub last week I think we drove some of the more sobre customers away; when it comes to dress rehearsals I think we shall have to find another venue;0) It's to be 300 this year, a story about a clash between Persians and Spartans. Last year it was Beowulf the musical, Beowulf was a cross dressing bisexual with a tendency to make cakes. We all thoroughly enjoyed it (by we I mean those of us taking part), I don't know so much about some of the people watching but it seamed to go down well, hope we have as much fun this year.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Mercian Gathering

A group of us went to the Mercian Gathering for the first time this weekend, it was packed with lots of things to do, learn and watch. I was fully booked for Reiki on Sunday (lots of hangovers ;0)) and also sold some of my jewellery, smoking incense bottles and chalices. I brought lots of shiny pretty things as well :0)
The Wicker Man was huge (in more ways than one ;0)), he went up very well and kept us quite warm. We also walked the flaming labyrinth and the fire spinners were amazing. A great weekend, we are already talking about going back next year.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


We've just come back from a lovely holiday in Cornwall, we camped near the Lizard, which like most of Cornwall is very beautiful. We saw lots of other Bongo's down there, thanks for all the waves.

The boys enjoyed lots of surfing, but on Fri the sea was quite rough and they all wiped out with bumps and bruises.

We walked over to Saint Michael's Mount, I've only seen it in the distance before. St Ives is still as lovely as ever, but it seems a lot more busy than it did last time we were there, though that was some years ago.

The camp we were on was very sheltered and apart from the last day it only rained in the night, I hate having to pack up in the rain as you know you've got to get it all out again to dry it off; mind you I'm off camping again at the end of this week (Mercia Gathering) so will prob leave it till then!