Sunday, 9 August 2009

Greenman Tankard and Whiskey Glass

These are some more glass engravings I've just finished. This time featuring the Greenman, the tankard is engraved but I have given him a green finish with heat set paint so it will not wash off.

Hand Engraved Chalices

These are some hand engraved chalices I've just finished. They are all individually hand done and as they are engraved the design doesn't wear off.
There is a willow and ivy pentacle one at the top, people seem to like this design, and then a holly and oak pentacle one at the bottom. Oak and Holly for the turning of the season winter to summer and back again.
There is also a daintier one with flowers, leaves and vine circle surrounding the pentacle with a butterfly fluttering by.
In the middle photos is a goddess, with a spiral stomach, stood in front of a star with a crescent moon below surrounded by a circle of swirls.
The main engraved shape on the remaining chalice is the Vesica piscis, the interlocking circles, which can be found on the cover of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. It is an ancient yonic symbol that represents the female genitals; as the energy of water is feminine and the chalice also represents the feminine this is quite apt. Also engraved is a spiral in the centre for spirit, trailing ivy above and ferns below.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Pagan Camp & Nine Ladies Stone Circle

I thoroughly enjoyed Derbyshire Pagan Camp last weekend, though it was a bit wet with the rain. We had the use of the barn which helped for the workshops and drumming, good acoustics :0), the peacocks that roost in the barn didn't seem that impressed though. Found some lovely feather, going to make some smudging fans I think and see if I can use some of the smaller ones in jewellery. For other things that were happening everyone just used the biggest tents and awnings, one of the tipees was set aside to be the chill out tent for meditations etc. It was good to meet people again that I hadn't seen for some time.

Sunday, packing up day, was the best day weather wise; I walked up to the Nine Ladies Stone Circle, the walk up there is beautiful, great scenery, special places where people have left workings, and the setting for the stones is perfect.