Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Smoking Incense Bottles

Just incase you're wondering these are smoking bottles. A lit incense stick is placed in the holder (most of the holders I've added beads to with a charm at the end, to make them easier to find and they can also be wrapped around the bottles to have them ready for use), the incense stick is then upturned into the bottle which then fills with smoke and swirls round to come out of the neck in a wizard potion bottle type way ;0)

As well as looking good they have a practical use, the hot lit end is kept safe, away from kids, pets, long dangley clothing etc, and incense seems to keep bugs away so very good for outside use too, some of my smoking bottles I've put chains on so that they can be hung up in tents, awnings and the like or around the garden. I've put a hole near the bottom of the bottles to allow to flow or it just puts the incense out.
The bottle with the lizard on you can probably work out has a lit incense stick in it, the others have their holders wrapped round them by the beads. The little green bottle I've engraved with a snake and the words - eye of newt, wing of bat ... with a witch charm on the end of the beaded holder, I thought it was quite fun ;0) 


AMIdesigns said...

These look great! Nice idea

Dawn said...

Thanks :0)

James Aquino said...

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