Friday, 24 July 2009

Ben & Bob's Birthday and Bongo bash

Last Wednesday it was Ben & Bob's birthday. Ben is my oldest boy, now 15, I can't believe it to coin a famous phrase. At 6'1" he is about a foot taller than me and hairy! Bob is Ben's cat, born on his birthday at around the same time of the morning that he was. I hadn't even realised his mother (our first female cat, who in our defence, was only about 5 months old at the time) was even pregnant, I thought she had just put a bit of weight on! We knew nothing about it until we heard squeaking sounds coming from underneath our bed at 6.30 in the morning, my first thought was oh no she's brought a mouse in, but no it was a tiny little black kitten, followed about an hour later by two more kittens.

As Ben had totally failed to invited friends paint balling, I took him and two of his mates to see Harry Potter, he has been a fan ever since the first book came out, and the first showing at the cinema was on his birthday. Whilst we were inside watching the film someone managed to dent the bumper of my car and just drove away, it needs a new one as it is cracked underneath, so the repair man tells me, ouch! The car park was very full, but how can you not see a great big Mazda Bongo van covered in bright flowers and butterflies? As for the film The Half Blood Prince in my opinion the book is far superior (they normally are though), chunks the plot were missing and instead filled with stuff to appeal more to teenagers, though the teenagers I took moaned about the missing parts as well and it not following the book.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Smoking Incense Bottles

Just incase you're wondering these are smoking bottles. A lit incense stick is placed in the holder (most of the holders I've added beads to with a charm at the end, to make them easier to find and they can also be wrapped around the bottles to have them ready for use), the incense stick is then upturned into the bottle which then fills with smoke and swirls round to come out of the neck in a wizard potion bottle type way ;0)

As well as looking good they have a practical use, the hot lit end is kept safe, away from kids, pets, long dangley clothing etc, and incense seems to keep bugs away so very good for outside use too, some of my smoking bottles I've put chains on so that they can be hung up in tents, awnings and the like or around the garden. I've put a hole near the bottom of the bottles to allow to flow or it just puts the incense out.
The bottle with the lizard on you can probably work out has a lit incense stick in it, the others have their holders wrapped round them by the beads. The little green bottle I've engraved with a snake and the words - eye of newt, wing of bat ... with a witch charm on the end of the beaded holder, I thought it was quite fun ;0) 

Hasfest Pagan Event

Well Hasfest in Chesterfield went so well for a first time event there, that we're planning a bigger one in September. Everyone seemed very happy, the weather was good and the atmosphere great. There was a variety of stalls including mine (smoking incense bottles, pagan tools and jewellery - plug, plug ;0)), henna, tarot, drums, reflexology ...

The burning man went down very well, and the green lady and labyrinth next to the blessing tree were lovely.
The evening was very good also with drumming around a proper camp fire, food and company, all in all very enjoyable.