Monday, 8 May 2017

Willow Wood Pentacle Silver Spiral Moon Sun Catcher

Looks a bit askew in the video, 
it's the way I'm holding it to make it spin so you can see the way round x

Just made this lovely Silver Spiral Moon and set it on a Pentagram made from the Willow that grows happily in my garden.  It's woven under and over in the traditional way rather than just placed one branch on top of the other. 

I've attached the moon just to the top point of the pentagram to give movement.  
The moon naturally wraps itself around the pentagram, but if you wanted to it could easily be adjusted to hang in front of the pentagram.

The Sun catcher crystal in the middle of the pentagram will cast lovely rainbows around you home when the sun hits it and is half covered with an aura borealis coating to look good for when the sun isn't shining.

The Waxing Crescent Moon, signifying new beginnings and growth, is made from silver plated wire.  I have spiralled the wire not only to look decorative but also because the spiral is one of the oldest symbols  and has several different spiritual meanings.

The pentagram measures approx 10" across.
If you'd like a closer look please follow the link to my Etsy shop