Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Lammas Camp 2016

Wow summer's upon us, soon be time for Summer Solstice, which means we're getting close to Lammas Camp as well.  There's some fantastic workshops already offered, Shamanic Workshops, Rune Workshops, Spell Casting Workshops, Power Animals and lots, lots more.  Were always open to more workshops if you have one you'd like to offer, or if you like to performe (we have an amp now;0))  The Opening Fire Ceremony is going to be amazing, and there's the Lammas Ritual being worked on as well as a Handfasting Ceremony.  Here's a Link to more info or here to the facebook event page

A couple of us went to clear the weeds away from the Lammas Oak the other day, the wild flowers up there at the mo are so beautiful :0)

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