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Derbyshire Lammas Camp 2016

Lammas is getting ever closer and we're working on making our 13th camp even better. A crew meeting soon for planning, good excuse to get together ;0)  The Opening Fire Ceremony sounds cracking.  If you'd like to entertain/perform dance/sing/or something else let us know, we have a rechargeable amp now so folk and music can more easily be heard.   We're also using the amp Friday night for our nod to Hasfest, the small festival we used to have at the back of our moot pub.

Brief itinerary so far -
 Thursday Camp Opens 2pm - Beating of the Bounds & Opening Fire Ceremony/Ritual, drum curfew 10.30pm

Friday - Entertainment & nod to our original festival Hasfest - Shamanism, Paganism, Rock n Roll!
(If you'd like to perform/entertain, dance/sing/play/??? there's still time to get in touch)

Saturday - Lammas Ritual, Handfasting, Drum curfew 11pm

Sunday Camp closes 2pm

We have some workshops sorted (more to come, keep checking back on the website Morning Star Craft as well as here, ticket info on there as well)  
Workshops and talks are included in the ticket price (£20 per adult for the whole weekend)

Drumming Workshop - Bill

Re-wilding the Soul - Tan Harvey
We are an intrinsic part of nature; therefore if we say that we have lost our connection with nature then we have lost the connection with ourselves.The Oran More – Frank Mills 1998:
“Quiet – Eternal Quiet: – Not even the sound of the restless, stirring, dark waters could be heard.
Then, a great spiraling strain of Melody moved across the endless waters.
Subdued at first, then quickly gathering momentum until it reached a great crescendo.
And, then, there was Life!
But the Melody did not stop. It continued its song, filling all of Creation with its divine harmony.
And so it continues today, for all those who listen.”
The ‘Melody’ – the ‘Song’ this is the life-force energy flowing throughout all of creation, continuously, including US – listen, hear it, re-connect - the raw, wild energy of nature and our souls.

Incense - Tan Harvey
Our olfactory system (our sense of smell) is the quickest way to our brains; a smell is the one of the most powerful things for triggering memories or feelings, altering mood, healing and much more.Incense-sticks provide us with a natural way to achieve this – or do they? Mass production & unscrupulous manufacturers mean that in many the incense is glued to the stick (did you want to glue sniff?) or at worst are only coloured sawdust with chemical scents added.
Learn how to work with raw natural resins, herbs and woods to blend your own unique totally natural incenses, purpose made and lots of fun to do.

Yarn Mandalas - Gill

Power Animal 1  - Cherill
Journey to meet and greet your current animal spirit guide.
A talk and guided meditation to drumming.

Power Animal 2 - Cherill
You need to know your animal spirit guide for this one!
We connect with your animal guide them ask them to take you to the four directions to meet and seek guidance from the animal spirit guides that dwell on each of your four directions.
A longer guided meditation to the drum.

Past Life - Simon
Simon will demonstrate the Kristos method while Cherill will demonstrate the Own Space, Own Time method.
Both methods do not use hypnosis! We will ask for volunteers

Spell Casting - Lara

Runes - Nacht Engel
An informal introduction to the Elder Futhark Runes-the magical alphabet of the ancient Germanic tribes of Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The runes have been used for many centuries both for divination and as powerful magical symbols.

This workshop will provide a little of the history and mythology surrounding them, as well as teach you ways to recognise and remember each rune and it's meaning. It will show you in a fun and interactive way a few techniques for using them to reveal hidden wisdom and unveil the possible future. You will also learn how to create a bind rune talisman for protection,  wealth, love, success or health. Free rune interpretation sheet for everyone attending.

Tribal - Tyler

Dowsing - Cherill
Cherill and Simon will show you how to Dowse for everyday living using rods and pendulums.
You will have a chance to use both methods during the workshop.

Mindfulness - Dave

Trees - Dave

Drum Journey - Pat
Waking the Spirit of the Drum
A ceremony and Journey to awaken the Spirit of your Drum. Connecting you with the spirit of your Drum will enhance the work you do together. Awaking the spirit of the Drum allows the instrument to become a helper spirit which will guide , intensify and increase the quality of your work.

Plant Spirit Shamanism - Pat

Kite Making Richard

Stick Weaving - Liz
Make a bracelet.  Everything supplied, 1 -1.5 hours. Suitable for children as well.

Spinning - Liz
Liz will be bringing her wheel etc and setting up near her van, just ask her for a go when you see it there.

​*   *   *   *   *   *   *

RJS Caterers have the menu planned for vegans, veggies, and meat eaters every one catered for (get it ;0)) They have listened to the concerns about plastic and polystyrene and have sourced eco friendly eating equipment.  Jody and Richard are also setting up an undercover eating area for incase the sun is beating down while you're noshing or it's shhh raining.  Get your sun spells sorted for Lammas week :0)

Breakfast service
Freshly cooked Bacon, Eggs & Sausages (Vegetarian & Vegan Sausages available)
all served on a Fresh Roll with a Selection of Sauces (Gluten Free Rolls available)
£2.50 - £3.50
Fresh Fruit with Croissants / Pastries £2.00

Lunch service
Lunch bag consisting of a freshly filled baguette in a variety of flavours, packet of crisps and a muffin / cake £3.50
Jacket Potato served with fillings of Cheese, Beans, Chilli ( Vegetarian available), Tuna Mayo 
£3.50 2 fillings
Assorted Salads - £3.00

Evening Service
Barbecue serving:
Quarter pound Beefburgers 
Traditional Pork Sausage
Chicken Wraps

Vegetarian alternatives of:
Vegetable Burgers
Vegetarian Sausages
Halloumi Wraps

Vegan Hot dogs
Vegan Burgers

All served on fresh Rolls with sauces £3.00 each

Friday - Chicken or vegetable (Vegetarian & Vegan) Curry with fresh rice  £4.50 

Saturday - Beef or vegetarian Chilli with fresh Rice  £4.50

Everyday we will be serving throughout:
    Drinks: Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate 50p (Soya Milk available)
Bottled Soft Drinks £1.00
Crisps, Snacks & Chocolate 75p 
Assorted Ice creams £1.00

All served on compostable products to keep the fire going when you are finished!

* * * * * * *​​
As well as the long drops this year we are having portaloos!  More for the flower faires to do, might have to get them new wings;0)

A truly wonderful camp set in beautiful countryside, surrounded by like minded people, with drumming, dancing and fire, time away to breath. 

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