Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Chesterfield, Derbyshire Pagans 11th Anniversary Moot

Gosh 11 years since our first ever moot!!  We had a change of pubs during those years to over the road at what was the New Inn, where we used the land at the back for many happy Hasfests and Samhain Celebrations, to now back where we started at the Telemere Lodge, still every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.30ish.  There have been a change of faces as folk come and go but there are quite a few of the original people still there and new folk are always very welcome :0)

We had a visit from the Priest of Avalon this month to give a talk on Remembering our Local Goddesses and very interesting it was too.  He also runs the Nottingham Goddess Temple.  There was of course cake and other goodies as well as plenty of chat.

We've had some great talks and workshops this year, starting in January with wool spinning history and the connection spinning has with many goddesses especially Norse ones and sheepy facts. Uses of essential oils, herbs, incense making, chakra chanting, tree knowledge, dream catchers, shamanism and the medicine wheel and of course Lammas Camp planning and workshop talk.

Still to come this year, in November our regular Goblin Market where you can bring things of a spiritual/pagan nature that's still in good condition but you no longer have a need for to swap/sell/trade or your hand made goods of a spiritual/pagan nature to sell so that folk can get some individual unique items for Yule gifts. Then in December the ever popular twig twiddling :0)

If you're interested in coming to one of the moots please do come along they are open and free to all and held in the private back room of the Telemere Lodge, Hasland 2nd Tuesday of each month around 7.30 pm start.  See our facebook page for more info Chesterfield, DerbyshirePagans

If you have knowledge/skills you would like to share at one of the moots as a talk/demo/workshop please do let me know, we are all friendly and eager to learn new stuff :0)

We are holding Samhain Celebrations at Eyre Chapel in Newbold, Chesterfield on Friday 30th October around 7.30 start, bring a drum or rattle if you have one.  Ritual to start then party afterwards, food share, bring your own drinks x

Wolf Moon Tree of Life Pentagram


The Wolf Moon Tree of Life wire work I did placed in the center of a Willow Pentagram.  The Willow is from my garden and is still growing happily there.  The sticks of the pentagram have been woven up and over each other in the traditional way rather than just placed one on top of the other.  Off each points hangs a representation of the correspondence for each element, a free fallen feather for air, a found stone for earth, a sun charm for fire, a shell found on the beach for water and a spiral on the top point for spirit.

It would look great hanging in your room as decoration, especially if wolf has special meaning for you, animal totem perhaps or power animal or as a ritual item near your altar.

If you'd like a closer look please click on my website link Morning Star Craft There are other pentagrams/pentacles on there as well and more to be put on soon.