Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Spoon Ring, where's Uri Geller when you need him?

I had a lovely tea spoon with Oak Leaves on and thought it would make a lovely ring.  Took a lot longer than I bargained for!  Cutting the bowl off was easy enough but bending the thing was quite a struggle, think I need a bigger hammer and pliers!  It is indeed a sturdy spoon.  After doing a search it seems to be a Walker & Hall 1927 Oak Leaf Laurel spoon, wondering if I should have cut it up now, but it does make a good ring and has pattern both sides.

 It was really shiny before I put it in the patina, it does bring out the pattern better though.  I need to take better photos!

A couple of wire rings I've just finished as well, nicely aged ;0) 

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