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Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp 31st July - 3rd August 2014

Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp is fast approaching now we are past the Summer Solstice, in fact there's only a few more week to go, (I'd best get making more items to put on my stall) ;0)  We're busy getting the site ready, checking things over and the workshops are coming along.  

As usual it's to be held at New House Organic Farm, Knivereton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 1JL which offers a field for us with fantastic views and we can have a camp fire burning all weekend, drumming curfew is 10pm due to the sound of drums carrying down to the villages but guitars and instruments which don't carry sound so far can go on longer.  Camping is a bit basic, no hot water or showers, there are stand pipes with fresh cold water and of course the long drop composting toilets, like Glastonbury Festival;0)

Beating of the bounds Thursday evening to open the camp and a Circle of Power to be created by the Lammas Oak planted last year to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Camp.  Please bring along (now this is the important bit) either a stone, a feather, a piece of wood, some soil, water from a stream or river local to the place upon Mother Earth you call home to make connective/offering. 

Fire Ceremony 

Tickets are available online from Zeta Tickets and at only £17 for the full weekend including workshops it's an absolute bargain!  Day tickets are available as well.  Ticket sales close on Sunday 27th July at 10pm.  There's more info to be found on our Chesterfield Pagans facebook Lammas Camp event page if you want to have a click over there and our web site 

Workshop Schedual, times aren't written in stone, we run on Pagan time at camp;0) and it can get a bit wibbily wobbly timey wimey :-

Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp Workshops 2014

Camp Opens 2pm Thursday 31st July

7ish Beating of the Bounds,
Followed by Power Drumming and
Peace Circle at our Oak


Marquee 1
Marquee 2
Dowsing for life – Cherill
Folk law of Totems - Chris
Braiding - Suzanne

Small Death Ceremony – Mother Earth Journeys


Headress making - Gill

Astrology - Aurora

Chanting - Karl

Fairy Trail
Intro to Shamanism - Pat
Runes 1 **– Darren/Suzanne
Spinning - Liz

Seed Bombs - Aurora

Christos - Simon
Resonance- Dori
Crystal Magic

Small Death Ceremony

Nine Sticks - Cherill

Bonsai Demo - Paul

Who’s Life - Spencer


**You need to do Runes I for Runes II to make sense

9pm ish outside, Mind Expanding Weird Shit - Cat

Round the fire –         Drumming
                                  Styx Of Stroud

10.30pm Drum Curfew


Marquee 1
Marquee 2

Styx Of Stroud
Witchcraft Ritual - Moira
Aromas in Medicine
Lammas Rocks (adults) - Elaine

Runes II** - Suzanne
Power & You
Angel Candles - Paula

Healing Workshop - Rebecca


Scavenger Hunt

Tarot - Laura
Corn Husk Goddess - Sarah

Power of Crystals - John
Singing Workshop – Suzanne/Darren

Power Animals

Poi Workshop – Kergan McSavage

Tribal Bellydance – Black Art Belles

Soul Food - Steve


Wand making – 3 fairies
Trees - Dave

A Blot to Thor

Totem Folklaw - Chris


8pm ish Entertainment              Resonance – Dori
                                                Black Art Belles
                                                Chaos Morrissss

9pm ish outside, Mind Expanding Scary Fairies – Cat

On going – Kite Making, Pewter Casting, Fairy Workshop – Children & Adults


Storytime with Suzanne

Camp Closes 2pmwe wish you all a safe journey home

Food we have a cater offering a greater selection of food this year at a reasonable rate, so no need to cook if you're not wanting to -
Breakfast service from 8am until 10.30am
Freshly cooked Bacon, Eggs & Sausages ( Vegetarian available)
all served on a Fresh Roll with a Selection of Sauces
£2.00 1 item
£2.50 2 items
£3.00 3 items
Assorted cereals with fresh milk £1.50
Fruit Yoghurts £1.00
Lunch service from 11.30am until 2.30pm
Lunch bag consisting of a freshly filled baguette in a variety of flavours, packet of crisps and a muffin / cake £3.50
Jacket Potato served with fillings of Cheese, Beans, Chilli ( Vegetarian available), Tuna Mayo
£3.00 1 filling
£3.50 2 fillings
Evening Service at 5.30pm until 9.30pm (different menu daily)
Barbecue serving:
Quarter pound Beefburgers
Prime pork sausages
Chicken skewers
Vegetarian alternatives of:
Vegetable Burgers
Vegetarian Sausages
Halloumi Skewers.
All served on fresh Rolls with sauces £3.00 each
Chicken or vegetable Jalfrezi with fresh rice & Naan Bread £4.50
Penne Pasta with a Tomato & Basil Sauce with Garlic Bread £4.50
Beef or vegetarian Chilli with fresh Rice & Crusty Bread £4.50
Pork Sausages or Vegetarian Sausage & mash with peas & Gravy £4.50
From 8am until 10pm every day:
Drinks: Tea, Coffee or Soft drinks @ 75p each
Crisps, Snacks & Chocolate 60p each 
And of course stalls to buy pretty shiny things from as well as other items;0)
So what ya waiting for come join us :0)

Going to put the rules and regs here as well, unfortunately we have to have some!

Unfortunately these have to be provided by law! It’s boring but please read, print and keep.
On arrival please report to the Welcome tent near the entrance to the camping field. Also, there is a steep hill to climb in your vehicle to get into the camping field, which can be difficult in wet weather. We will try our best to help you if necessary!
There are no set pitches. We cannot save any spaces for anyone. The pitching is on a first come, first choice basis. If you want to camp next to your family/friends, we suggest you try to arrive together. Also, be aware that some workshops may be noisy. Therefore, if you want a quieter pitch, you may want to consider pitching further up the field.
There are two standpipes which supply cold water only. Please use these responsibly and be aware that the area around the taps may get very muddy!
The toilets are eco long-drop toilets, but we do supply two toilet tents on ground level for children and disabled people only! We also provide a gents urinal area. There is no hand washing facilities!
If you are using camping toilets, please use biodegradable toilet fluid and empty these in the long drop toilets. Do not empty them in the hedgerows! Female Urine upsets the Ewes and this is a nasty thing to do.
Please leave all toilet areas in a clean condition, as you would wish to find them. If you ‘miss aim’ please wipe the seats!
There are NO showers or hot water! You are responsible for your own hygiene needs.
Cars are parked at owners own risk. The organisers take no responsibility for any vehicle. If worried, please avoid parking near to temporary structures. We suggest that you lock any valuables in your vehicle. The organisers cannot be held responsible for missing items.
Please be aware that there is a very steep cliff on the field above camp, so do not allow your children to wander unaccompanied in this area.
Please do not allow children of any age to play on the Hay Bales or in any part of the farm yard, by express wishes of the farmer!
Dogs are welcome but must be kept under control at all times. There are children and livestock around (and adults!).
All dog mess must be cleaned up and put in the long drop toilets. Eco bags will be available if required at the Welcome Tent.
Please be aware of the safety issue with dogs on tethers or long leads. People do not always look for ropes etc when walking round!
Please do NOT approach dogs without the owners permission!
You are welcome to put a stall outside your tent FOR FREE! Please note that you are responsible for your own stall and goods displayed on them.
ANY aggressive or violent behaviour will be dealt with by INSTANT EVICTION!
We have qualified First Aiders on camp should you need them. Please go to the Welcome Tent if you require help. We also have Health and Safety Officers should you require advice.
So In Short :-
Please be kind to one another!
Keep your area pretty.
Respect the environment.
Look after your kids, pets, cars and stalls etc.
And :-

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