Sunday, 29 September 2013

Triskele, Hare & Moon Necklace

Crescent moon hare, triskele necklace 
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After spending up till easter this year trudging down to my workspace at the bottom of the garden in wellies through the snow I have decided to move into the house for the winter.  Although the weather is still glorious at the moment and I will miss going down there while it is nice and checking how well the weeds are doing, I am loving the almost spider free space, brighter light and more room of working in the house,with running water and kettle near by and it should be warmer when the weather does change.

This Triskele, Hare & Crescent Moon with little star Necklace is the first thing I have made in my new workspace, all totally handmade.  The Hare is hand sawn from brass sheet and the moon and star from sterling silver sheet, all the other parts are sterling silver too including the hand formed Triskele.  The moon can be a New Crescent Moon or a Waning Moon depending on your mood as it is reversible.  I'm tempted to keep it as it looks lovely on but will list it on my Morning Star Craft website soon.  Oh and I must remember to give measurements too.
Have now put this necklace on the website and am trying to update other parts of it too:0) 

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Anonymous said...

Lovely piece of work Dawn, blessings on you and your new work space :)