Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hand flowers and Ribbon Wrap Bracelets

Have been making some more handflowers or slave bracelets and ribbon wrap bracelets.   My son says my armless model ;0) looks a bit creepy, but not sure how else to show them, my nails after bending metal and being up the garden aren't lovely enough to be in the photo.  What do you think, creepy, good, bad?

Feeling a little batty;0)  There's a small bat on the extender chain as well.  Or maybe butterflies are more your thing, this one has a beaded ring and small butterfly charms.

The different hues in each of the hand dyed ribbons are gorgeous.  They wrap about 3 times around your wrist and have a sliding spiral bead to help with fastening.  The ends can either be tuck in or left loose to dangle. There are moons, fairies, goddess, dragonflies, pentacles, unicorns, dragons, and wild animals, tiger, lion, monkey, giraffe, elephant is one your animal guide?

This bottom one with the pentacle, turquoise crescent moon and goddess hasn't got a slider bead as although they all would make lovely anklets as well as bracelets I think this one would be an ideal one for an anklet.  Some of them would make great necklaces too, so three in one, can't be bad;0)  I'll be bringing some of these along to the Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp along with some more of my jewellery, including some feathered arm bands which I thought would look great worn with sleeveless tops in the hot weather.


Anonymous said...

Just had to say ... these are really gorgeous!! You do wonderful work!! I am going to bookmark your store site so I can come by and get one soon!! I hope you ship to the USA!! ;-)

Dawn said...

Thank you:o) Yes I do post to the USA as well, I have some bracelets in my etsy store OhYesYes at the mo if you want to take a look x