Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Allotment doings.

It's just been lightening spectacularly.  Red sheet lightening brightening the sky and bright fork lightening shooting across accompanied by deep rumbles, but still no rain.  Just as well I water the allotment earlier, should have done the garden as well.

The artichoke is growing well, lots of heads on it, looking forward to harvesting it and seeing what it tastes like, it looks pretty good when you first come onto the allotment.

The slightly cooler weather has brought the slugs out in force, they were chomping their way though the strawberries and have taken bites out of loads, hoping that the frog I disturbed in the strawberry patch will come back.  I don't know where the frog goes to keep cool, not seen any ponds or puddles around our end of the allotments.

There was a dark black spider with bright red spots on his back up by the brassicas, don't know if we have poisonous spiders now, but he sure looked as though he wanted to be.

Sweetcorn is poking it's furry end out of the middle of the leaves, the courgettes are growing, will be able to pick some soon I hope, have just pop the first few pea pods (it's like eating sweets),  there are small tomatoes on the plants in the well ventilated green house (most of the glass is missing lol).  The strawberries are still producing and the raspberries are snidered with juicy plump fruit, yum:0)

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