Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hasfest, Shamanism, Paganism, Rock n Roll

Whoo it's the start of Hasfest tomorrow, Chesterfield Pagans Shamanism, Paganism Rock n Roll free festival.  Fire, burning man, stalls full of shiny things, music, drumming dancing, workshops, ritual and good people.  See our facebook page for more info Hasfest event.
These are some of the bracelets I'm taking along, hope people like them, also taking smoking incense bottles,   engraved chalices and other jewellery - beads, copper and silver creations.

Triple hare, pentagram, leaf bead ribbon bracelet, with sun & moon toggle clasp

Fairy, butterfly, charm beaded ribbon wrap bracelet

Goddess, beaded charm wrap ribbon bracelet

Green and orange lamp bead ribbon bracelet

Leaping moon hare, charm ribbon wrap bracelet

Message from Hasfest HQ
HASFEST 5 is fast approaching, so here is a brief rundown of planned events and details for all you good folks

Hasfest will begin on Friday night with the opening party, for the past few years this has been quite a bangin affair , however this year we are taking a different route. Opening the weekend with a sonic earth ritual based around bass, beats and fire, expect heavy slabs of dub , dark ambient textures, blessed out beats, outlaw space cadets and of course the unexpected. The party will be held in the grove from 8.00pm onwards ....

Stalls....a fine array of quality shiny goods for sale
Workshops.... Some fantastic workshops this year including :- journeying, belly dance and as many pop up workshops we can cram in 
Goddess and blessings tree for your libations, blessings, honouring and wishes.
Following the awesome success of the Sonic Jam of last year, we will, on Saturday afternoon be staging another Sonic Jam so bring ya instruments
The mission is to put the Rock and Roll into Hasfest, everyone is invited to come together with drums instruments or vice to create a massive noise. Last years Sonic Jam was described as a dark tribal Joy Division- which is cool. Some amps and guitars are available so please come along and let's get it on 

A Belly dance performance by Hipsteria, Blackart Belles and Terra von Dare.
8pm onwards Burning Man with Fireside drumming and dancing.
For the highlight of the weekend the primal fusion of Rhythm Flame and togetherness ...bring rattles drums didgeridoos etc
Be aware of the following if camping
Toilet s and sinks only available during pub opening
No standpipe or drinking water Bring bottles of water during pub hours
There are no showers
Because Hasfest is not a ticketed event the number of stalls and people wishing to camp is unknown until the event .We will always endeavour to accommodate everyone , but please be aware that space is limited and pitches may be cozy.
Please be polite and courteous when pitching as it is only for one or two nights.
Anyone with a caravan motorhome or large tent please see a crew member before pitching
Stall holders please see a member of crew so we can provide a good position for trading
Please be aware that if space become a problem we may ask that vehicles are parked off site
All rubbish /waste must be taken home with you
Campers must leave site by 4.00pm Sunday

Once again, the owner and staff of The New Inn have allowed this event to happen for free, and shown tremendous support and respect. So please support them by taking advantage of their fine beverages and well priced food .
Hasland village is under a mile away and has a large number of shops a late night garage and several fast food outlets.

If you are camping bring adequate drinking water and it may be wise to give some consideration toward toilet functions, also please remember bin bags for your rubbish as this must be taken home.

PLEASE PLEASE have a good time but be responsible , not only for yourselves but for your children and animals 
Please show respect for the area , the local residents and our host THE NEW INN and please be courteous and tolerant with fellow Has festers

The crew give up their free time and money to work hard each year to ensure we all have a free, relaxed, awesome weekend, please help them to make it happen. 
A big big thank you to you all 


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