Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hasfest Pagan Event 2012

Beribboned Burning Man
Cosmic Goddess
Burning Man burning
Fire Tower

Got over the post camp blues now, mud washed away and eagerly waiting for Derbyshire Pagans Lammas Camp in August and seeing everyone again.

Everyone I've heard has said how lovely Hasfest was yet again and how they felt included and involved, even the residents in the houses that back on to the site have said they enjoy us arriving which is very good to know.  The Grove has been well received and is well worth the scratches and bruises we got a few weeks back clearing it and getting it ready.  An altar has been made and the children especially have filled it with offerings, it is a lovely space.

Friday evening the rains came!  Mud galore but that didn't stop most of us flashing fluro in the rave tent and dancing like mad fools, well apart from the younger ones who tried to maintain their cool;0)  The rest of the weekend luckly was dry.  The Sonic Jam went down well as far as I can tell from the noise coming from the marque;0).  The Burning Man and his large appendage went up well and the fire was huge, very warm for dancing and drumming round, the jumpers must have been very hot!!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Silver and Amethyst Triple Moon Necklace

Finished a silver triple moon pendant.  I decided to make it with the crescent moons top and bottom of the full moon rather than side by side and to set an amethyst in the centre.  Amethyst is one of my favourite stones, I find it calming and happy.  The moons are cut from sterling silver and I have textured the lower moon and bottom half of the full moon to represent the waning moon and have oxidised them to bring out the marks more, the top crescent has been left shiny to represent the new moon.
Morning Star Craft Necklaces

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hasfest Pagan Festival 2012

Spent yesterday with friends clearing the grove that we are going to be using for the first time at Hasfest and cleaning up the grounds in readyness for camping and festivities, it looks good now, can't wait for Hasfest in another 2 weeks.

Hasfest is a free small local Chesterfield Pagans event in the grounds of the pub we use for our moots, it has fire, drumming, dancing, workshops and stalls selling lovely handcrafted items.  I'll be there with mine;0)

I'll give you a quick run down of the events/attractions -

18th May - 20th May

Friday night opening party
8pm - midnightish in the main marquee
Ragnarokk Radio presents an evening of classic Hasfest tunes climaxing with 3 hours of psy-trance euphoria presented by our live resident shamanic mechanic/DJ

Saturday Events
Stalls - A fine array of quality and shiny goods for sale
Workshops - some fantastic workshops this year including meditation groups, shamanic techniques and belly dancing, mother Earth Journey.  More workshops TBC
Nine Men's Morris - Led by the awesome Bob, not quite sure what this entails, but no doubt it will be the usual brew of chaos and frivolity
Goddess and Blessings Tree - for your libations, blessings, honouring and wishes

Saturday Night
8pm onwards Burning Man followed by fireside drumming and dancing.  For some the highlight of the weekend, the primal fusion of rhythm, flame and togetherness.  Bring drums, rattles, didgeridoos etc let us make righteous noise!

New for 2012
The Grove
The Hasfest crew have been working hard to create a small sacred place on the event site.  This will be an intimate wooded area for workshops, meditations and ritual.  Please bring, or over the weekend create, items of decorations such as charms, symbols, fetishes and alter pieces etc. We plan to hang these within the Grove, honouring this space and creating a balanced spiritual environment for everyone to share.

Sonic Jam - putting the rock'n'roll into Hasfest!

On Saturday, around 3pm in the marquee will be Hasfest's first Sonic Jam.  Everyone is invited to come together and make massive music/noise.  Bring instruments, drums or just come and groove to the Hasfest Chaos Ensemble.  Amps, guitars and drumkit will be provided, so anyone wishing to rock out, freak out or just get it on, this is your big moment.  As stated this is a frst, and may be the last but at least we can make history.

The Crew are also on a mission to build a larger, permanent fire pit this year and a bigger Burning Man and yes he will have his magnificent phallus to bless and decorate, though we may need considerably more ribbon!

That's all for now brothers and sisters - shamanismpaganismrocknroll!!

Chesterfield Pagans
Morning Star Craft