Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Spent yesterday up the allotment playing snails.  We moved a greenhouse from an adjoining plot on to ours, but of course it wasn't as simple as we first thought!

We did well taking the glass out (only broke two panes) but then we looked at how it was tethered down we discovered that they had sunk some long 2x2 wooden batons (think Stonehenge deep) into the earth which were then screwed to very long horizontal pieces at the bottom!  They didn't intend for it to move.  So after digging the greenhouse out we then had to dig a very deep trench on our plot to sink it back in, I've only got short legs and had to be hauled back out after getting stuck in the trench!

This is where the snail part comes in because then we picked the frame of the greenhouse up and walked it across on our backs to where we wanted it, it must have looked very odd.  So we are now the proud owners of a greenhouse, lovely fresh warm tomatoes this summer.  With the greenhouse and the rhubarb we planted last week it's looking like a proper allotment:0)

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