Sunday, 14 August 2011

Nine Ladies, Stanton Moor

You'll be pleased no doubt to know that they're still there;0)  I needed to do some thinking and pondering on Friday and to get out of the house, so I thought a think and a ponder in a beautiful place would be best.  Love it when you get there and it's all peaceful, quiet and empty, though I do enjoy it when we celebrate up there as well of course.  Anyway after quite a bit of cogitating and ruminating I headed back down for coffee and chocolate enjoying looking at the flowering heathers and hills on the way.


Shpangle said...

One of my favourite places and I am glad they are still there and being looked after...I haven't been for a few years but must go back soon.


Magical Day Dream said...

I love walking around in quiet places with nature all around me when I need to think. I use the forest for it or sit on a bench and stare at the water. It helps me straighten my thoughts.