Sunday, 8 May 2011

Wedding Favor Glasses

I was asked to engrave some glasses as Wedding Gifts for six Bridesmaids and the Best Man recently by the Bride To Be, with name, date and choice of animal on, and thank you for being my bridesmaid/bestman. They were all very happy with the glasses and I got lots of 'thank yous' and brilliants, the Bride sent me a message to say 'I cannot actually say how fantastic everything is' which made me feel great, it's lovely when you get compliments about your work even if it makes you blush a bit. If you would like something similar please contact me either by a comment on here or via my web site contact-me

She also asked me to make an Ivy and Oak Headress, alice band style, similar to the one I did for a Handfasting, she was carrying a bouquet with lots of ivy in it and they both went together really well.

The cake they had was fab, it had lots of flowers, toadstools and Mr & Mrs Owl on the top, Mr Owl had a beard to match the Groom's.  The cake was nothing to do with me I just thought it looked great.

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