Friday, 12 November 2010

Silver and copper spiral Celtic Cross Earrings

I was asked to make some Celtic Cross Earrings, and this is what I did.  The cross is silver with triple spirals, triskele, on the arms and a larger central spiral in the middle.  The spirals have been coloured to give an extra dimension to the piece, and a copper ring placed behind to represent the eternal circle.  I hand forged the earwires as well from silver.

(Hey look the blogger photo thing works, we can put photos other places than just at the top :0), you may already know this but it's new to me)

Anyway relived to find that the lady who asked for them likes them and thinks that the person who they are for will really like them.


Carrie said...

Stunning earrings. Thanks so much for adding your link on the Craft forum so I can come and follow you. Looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous makes xxx

Dawn said...

Aww thanks Carrie x Will pop over and look at yours too.