Monday, 25 October 2010

Our Birch Tree

Thought I'd try blogging from my phone (very tech for me), it seems to have worked as the photo has appeared! Need to remember to send the photos the right way round though as I can't find a way to change them once they are on blogger. I haven't been blogging very regularly as I get put off by having to find the cable to link my phone with the computer and then waiting for photos to upload, so maybe if this works I will do it more often. There may be some strange things posted here until I get used to it.

Why the Birch Tree? I woke up this morning looked out of the window and the Birch leaves were glowing a rich golden colour and set against the really blue sky I thought wow got to try get those colours, my use of photography is not really up to it though, the colours were really vivid, I think the frost this morning helped to bring out the colours. Got to enjoy the Birch whilst the leaves are still on as once they fall and you're having to get the rake out not so enjoyable. I usually throw the fallen leaves on the flower beds telling my self that it feeding the worms and mulching the plants and keeping any stray Hedgehogs warm.

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Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

That tree is beautiful! Love the colour, I would have taken a photo straight away too!