Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Had a lovely day Sunday at Cherill and Simons Handfasting. The ceremony went very well, all there Pagans and none Pagans alike seemed to enjoy it. There was drumming around the fire, story telling and food to share. The vows and words were beautiful.

I was delighted to have be asked by them to make the floral circlet, the Chalice and the Handfasting rings. Cherill had chosen the colours yellow, green and ivory for the day, which I worked into the circlet with flowers, ivy and a few beads to match her gown and Simon's shirt. The silver rings had their bind rune engraved on to them, Simon had worked out the bind runes, I engraved them on after making the rings. I also hand engraved their bind rune onto the chalice which they used for the ritual, the runes were engraved inside an ivy and oak pentacle.

Met some new folk and of course joined again with old friends. Looking forward now to the Derbyshire Pagan's Camp this weekend.

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