Monday, 28 June 2010

Bakewell Day of Dance 2010

Had a lovely but nerve wracking time Saturday. It was Bakewell's Day of Dance, dance groups from all over gather together to experience different dance styles and show what they have learnt, and I had agreed to go too, not really good at performing in public I normally go on the back row in class! I was with Akhawaat Al Maryam, which Mary our teacher says means Mary's sisters as she had brought three of her groups together for the day. It was a gloriously sunny day and fun to watch the other dancers and do a bit of shopping around Bakewell. The Black Pigs, a sort of morris dance group but louder and more colourful were fun to watch and I already know some of the people involved in it but had never seen them perform before. There was another group of belly dancers there The 400 Roses (their costumes looked fab) but there form of belly dance was entirely different to ours, it was sort of mixed with morris dance, unique. I also went along to the Bollywood workshop and learnt an entire dance in an hour! Good teacher.

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