Friday, 29 May 2009


As well as Shakespeare's old house there are lots of other timber framed Tudor houses, it is a lovely place to have a stroll around, interesting shops, river, great buildings, boats. We rowed down the river, trying to avoid swans, and narrowly missed the ferry that goes across the river, it took me by surprise I was supposed to be steering, oh dear.

Stratford-upon-Avon boats

We spent some time in Stratford-upon-Avon, of course I knew of it because of Shakespeare, but I was surprised at how many long/narrow boats (which ever you call them, not sure of the difference) there are, trouble is you can't stop yourself from wanting to have a quick neb through the windows as you walk past! Trouble is it's now set him off wanting to live on a boat again, all very well in the summer I suppose, apart from the lack of garden, but in the winter!!

Rolright Stones

These are part of the circle, not as big as Avebury or Stonehenge of course, but still very impresive.

Whispering Knights, Rollright Stones

We went to see the Rollright Stones whilst we were down there, I'd like to go and visit again. These are called the Whispering Knights, they are a little way away from the circle opposite the King Stone and in my opinion they best part of the site. It feels very peaceful up there.

Camping in the Cotswolds

We've just had a relaxing few days in the Cotswolds, thatched roofs and golden stone abound. Doing my anorak bit now showing off our new Khyam Awning, I put it up by myself! None of that faffing about with magic wand poles they're already built in. Fits lovely on our Bongo. The wildlife kept getting in the way of the photo though ;0)

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Handfasting Ceremony


Hi, I took part in a fantastic Handfasting ceremony at the weekend (I was the South quarter), I will try and post some photos later, hopefully there will be some shown around tonight (I didn't take any, shame on me). There was fire, drumming, dancing, food and drink, the weather was sunny (ok one slight shower, but a beautiful rainbow afterwards), lovely words spoken and meeting of friends that hadn't seen each other in a while, all in all a great time was had by all.

I was asked to make the love tokens that were to be exchanged and also the headdress / circlet, I've put the photo's of the silver rings above, they both seem more than happy with them and they fit, yeah. rings

Bindrune Silver Handfasting Ring

I was asked to make the love tokens to be exchanged at a Handfasting this weekend, the funny thing about it was they both asked me seperately and asked me to keep it from the other as it was to be a supprise on the day. Anyway they both decideded that thay wanted to exchange silver rings, the one above is Gwen's Handfasting Ring.

The bindrune on the front was created by Jay and I then engraved it into the silver, around the band itself I put crescent moons and infinity symbols. I was a bit worried about the size but luckly 'it fits like a glove'. rings

Handfasting Silver Spiral Ring

This is Jay's ring which needed to be adjustable as he has thin fingers, but large knuckles and it was also to have a spiral on it, I gave it a lightly hammered finished as well. This is the first time I have worked with proper silver sheet, so not too bad I think.